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Why Chinese

Chinese-speaking regions are highly promising target markets for any business wanting to expand its operations in Asia. Imagine how big your customer base will grow if you offer services in Chinese to customers from Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, and Singapore. In order to effectively connect with your prospective customers, however, you don’t only need to speak their language; you need to be excellent in providing assistance as well. Call Center Taipei offers premium multilingual customer support solutions in Mandarin, Cantonese, and other Chinese language variations.

Who we are

Specializing in customizable call center and back office solutions, Call Center Taipei is one of the most trusted providers of multilingual customer service in Asia. Operating from Taiwan, the Philippines, and the United States, we guarantee our clients high quality resources, including workforce, technologies, and processes. Our Chinese call center agents regularly undergo language and culture training to make sure they can give excellent customer service to your Chinese-speaking clients.

What we do

Call Center Taipei is dedicated to empowering businesses to have a greater influence in Asia through its high quality call center solutions. Providing your clients services in both English and Chinese can greatly impact their satisfaction and loyalty. At present, we deliver customer service and technical support using three mediums phone, email, and live chat. All of our multilingual solutions can be customized according to your specific and unique business needs.

Where we can take you

With an extensive experience in providing Chinese and English customer support to global businesses, we help our clients forge stronger relationship with their customers. We envision every partnership as a path to having your industry status solidified and your customer base expanded. The Asian market is a very rich and promising territory. Call Center Taipei can help you establish a solid foothold in the continent’s Chinese-speaking countries through our multilingual voice and non-voice solutions.