3 Tips for a successful business partnership with your outsourced call center

Some businesses might feel hesitant about teaming up with firms located overseas. It might be because of the distance, the perceived communication difficulties, or simply the complex process of delegating tasks to a business process outsourcing (BPO) company.

On the other hand, some companies that are already managing outsourced programs find this strategy extremely useful and beneficial. This, however, won’t be possible without forming a strong business partnership with your provider first.

It takes a lot of work to build a smooth relationship with a call center. It’s something that doesn’t happen on its own, so you need to invest time and effort to make it happen. Here are three tips to help you out.


1.     Get to know their organization and leaders.

asian business meeting team listening to coworker

The outsourcing company you’ll be partnering with isn’t just a service provider. They’re your partner in building strong customer relations. Therefore, you should treat them as your equal, and this means you need to get to know their organization and the people who run it.

Doing so would let you build closer ties with their leaders, which is the foundation of good working relationships. You have to understand their motivations, visions, and goals, so that both of you can help one another grow. When you fully know where your business partners are coming from, you’ll be able to communicate with them honestly and openly.


2.     It isn’t always about you.

happy new business partners shaking hands

While you’re the client and your customer service provider is the vendor in this setup, this doesn’t mean that you have the upper hand. In the ideal outsourcing partnership, both companies benefit from one another. Granted, your call center must be able to meet your expectations. You, however, must also do your part. This means investing in your agents’ skills development, engagement, and overall well-being. You may also recommend your provider to other brands looking for high-performing third-party service firms.


3.     Communicate with them regularly.

business team in teleconference meeting using videoconferencing tools

Regular communication is the most important key to a successful business partnership. And these days, there’s no excuse as to why you won’t be able to get in touch with your provider. With the wide accessibility of the Internet, combined with a long array of messaging tools you can use, you’ll always be able to contact your colleagues.

When communicating with your provider, remember to be honest, straightforward, and respectful. Update one another on the most important matters that could affect your partnership and operations. This will not only let you form a strong bond with your provider, it will also enhance the quality of your customer service.



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