5 Management tips to boost call center agents’ productivity

Boosting employee performance and increasing productivity in the workplace are some of the most important goals of every call center. Agents have to consistently stay on top of the huge volume of calls they receive without sacrificing the quality of customer interactions. To do this, all workflows, tech tools, and other contact center resources must be optimized to help them carry out their functions.

Of course, supervisors also need to take the initiative in improving customer support processes and driving employee engagement. Here are five tips that would help you out.


1.     Optimize agent scheduling.

miniature offic eemployees walking across calendar

Nowadays, most call centers use a workforce management tool, a form of technology that can forecast how many agents are needed at specific times of the day. This helps customer service providers optimize agent scheduling by making sure that there are enough agents on the floor when there’s a surge in call volume. Proper scheduling, therefore, can help you eliminate long call queues—something that many customers don’t have the patience for.

Plus, you can also reduce the number of agents in the production floor during down times. This would let you minimize operation costs without having to compromise the quality of your services.


2.     Hands-on supervision works best.

call center manager helping customer service agent

Supervisors should always be available on the production floor so they can respond to agents’ concerns right away. This way, employees won’t have to go looking for them during crucial calls, letting them resolve issues quickly.

They should also be ready to come up with decisions that customer support reps may not be authorized to make. Examples are escalating transactions, granting special requests from customers, and others.


3.     Establish an easy communication method.

excited office employee holding tablet

Having a standard communication method across the call center can greatly help in keeping everyone updated about work-related developments. Some companies use messaging tools like Skype, and others build their own internal messaging platforms. These apps will allow you and your agents to communicate with one another easily and quickly.


4.     Use e-learning tools.

woman studying writing on notebook looking at laptop

Do your agents need to attend a training session but can’t do so because of a quota to catch up on? Then, it’s best to give them access to electronic learning materials. This way, they can easily stay updated about the latest product information or the new customer support practices you’re implementing. With these resources accessible online at all times, agents can go over them whenever they’re free.


5.     Provide a comfortable working environment.

empty call center office

Often, increasing productivity in the workplace boils down to a comfortable environment that allows agents to focus on their tasks. In the past few years, collaborative, open spaces have started to take over, but there are arguments countering this trend. According to some experts, offices that don’t allow privacy may negatively affect employee performance. Thus, you should ask your agents about their preferences to make sure that their setup allows them to be efficient workers.


Call center supervisors can help their agents become more productive by driving up employee engagement and optimizing the work environment. The tips given above would let you implement small changes in the company to motivate your agents and maximize efficiency.



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