Best practices for earning customer loyalty

Without customer loyalty, it can be quite impossible to have a thriving business in Taiwan. As mentioned in the previous post, guanxi is very important in finding your way up in the market. This refers to building personal relationships to have deeper connection with your Taiwanese clients.

Once you’ve gained their trust, you can expect consistent business transactions that can contribute to the growth of the company—granted that you also consistently provide them with high quality support. As a start, follow these tips to get closer to building a solid relationship grounded in loyalty and trust:


1.     Train your employees to show a warm personality


Customers like employees who are friendly and easy to talk to. This humanizes a corporate entity, making it more approachable and significantly enhances customer experience. When faced with product concerns, customers want someone who can communicate with them on a personal level but professional manner. If people feel intimidated, you can expect them to immediately raise their walls, making them more difficult to talk to and possibly unwilling to cooperate. This is why maintaining a warm personality is a must to foster customer relationships and encourage constant interactions.


2.     Speak their native language, know their culture


It can be hard for people to speak and possibly even share personal information with a perfect stranger over the phone. The level of unease can vary, depending on culture, the person’s position, and the kind of information they’re asked to provide. While Taiwanese nationals are capable of conversing in other languages such as English, it’s important to know that speaking in their native language can help ease any uncertainties. Even more so when, aside from being proficient with the language, representatives are also familiar with the Taiwanese culture. This is why having bilingual and even multilingual employees can be an advantage to reach out to your customers.


3.     Maintain a good connection


Completing a successful transaction should never mark the end of your commitment to a client. So even after they’ve bid you a farewell and even if it’s been a while since their last call, it’s best to stay close within their radar. Always get your customers’ contact details so you can constantly interact with them through their preferred medium of communication. You can even ask them to follow your brand on your social media profiles. These can give them multiple options to communicate with you should they need your assistance. It can also help keep them updated with your special deals and new products—helping prevent them from leaving your fold for one of your competitors.



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