Call Center Taipei opens a unified platform for present and future partners

Call Center Taipei, a subsidiary of bilingual call center and outsourcing solutions provider Open Access BPO, officially launches its corporate website. Aiming to provide a unified platform where current clients, prospective partners, and aspiring employees can get in touch with us, we built this website to place our company within your closer reach.

We designed the site to highlight the advantages that our company can provide to the businesses we serve. In the main sections, we feature our services and an overview of how we came to be Open Access BPO’s latest venture into fortifying its reputation as an all-encompassing business process outsourcing (BPO) company.

The outsourced solutions we provide are specially tailored to the needs of the Chinese-speaking demographic, and you can learn about how we are able to deliver these by accessing our list of services. There, we outline the importance of lingual connection in solidifying consumer bases, as well as the role of having multiple channels in facilitating unhampered communication between the provider and its customers.


Our location serves an evidence of our mission to bridge the cultural and lingual gaps between your brand and the Chinese-speaking markets you target. Operating in Taiwan, Call Center Taipei is able to source native speakers and gain a first-hand experience of how the Chinese people prefer to communicate, receive assistance, and define satisfaction.

You can gain the same insights by tuning in to our blog where we will be publishing articles tackling customer service issues hounding the globally distributed Chinese-speaking market.

For a deeper immersion in the BPO world and greater access to time-tested resources, however, we offer our bilingual customer care solutions to businesses facing challenges in captivating and building a stronghold of the Chinese market. Let us empower your brand through language-based solutions that best suit your business’ and consumers’ needs.



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