Customer retention strategies to win the Taiwanese market

Having customer retention strategies is important if you want to thrive in any kind of industry. Clients define a firm’s longevity based on its ability to deliver excellent customer service and maintain good relationships. This is exactly why a set of strategies must be well-planned to win your target market over, specifically Taiwanese customers. Here are some tips you can follow:


1.     Make conversations formal


The Taiwanese are very formal when conversing with other people, especially when it comes to dealing with businesses. One way to jumpstart interactions with them is by speaking their language fluently. Though Taiwan has a moderate proficiency in the English language based on the EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI), most of them prefer to express themselves in their native tongue. Aside from that, it’s important to address customers based on their professional status and surname, unless they give you permission to call them otherwise.


2.     Build guanxi


In Chinese culture, building personal relationships is highly valued—relationships that are built on trust and honesty. This is the exact meaning of “guanxi,” which also dictates that you also strongly uphold these same values when forging partnerships with other companies and when interacting with customers. In either case, constant communication definitely helps strengthen the relationship, making the whole customer experience more worthwhile.


3.     Be patient in the negotiation phase


When dealing with Taiwanese customers, understand that it may take time before they finally decide to close deals. This is because they want to ensure that they get their money’s worth. They’re also very indirect in conversations which is why reading between the lines is advisable. So instead of directly saying “no ” when asked about decisions, they may sometimes say “maybe” or imply that they’ll think it over again. Instead of formulating questions that can only be answerable by “yes” or “no,” structure it in a way that they’ll be able to express their reasons behind their uncertain answers.


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