Gamification done right: 5 Tips for call centers

Gamification in the call center has been changing the way agents and managers work together toward their goals. This process makes use of game thinking and mechanics to engage people in their tasks. An effective employee engagement strategy works by firing up agents’ competitive streak and encouraging them to achieve rewards.

It’s not surprising that this tactic has become a useful and popular trend that contact centers use to train employees and motivate them to perform well. By injecting the elements of fun and competition in agents’ daily tasks, it breaks up the office monotony and makes things more interesting.

But how can you create the best gamified experience for your agents? Here are tips to help you out.


1.     Align it with your customer service goals.

call center agent giving thumbs up

Gamification can help you target call center key performance indicators (KPIs), such as first call resolution, average handling time, percentage of successful calls, average speed in answering a call, and others. If your goal is to optimize a particular metric or KPI, you may gamify those areas to motivate your agents to prioritize them.


2.     Engage every employee.

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To drive better results, every agent must be given a chance to participate in the competition you’re about to launch. If the game isn’t applicable to all agents due to varying skill levels and specializations, why not create a separate one for each team? The idea is to give everyone an opportunity to take part in competitive and fun contests that drive up performance at the same time. Aside from boosting employee engagement, this nurtures teamwork and makes agents feel that they’re an important part of the company.


3.     Explain the mechanics clearly.

asian trainer in corporate workshop

For participants, the rules of the game or competition are perhaps the most important aspect of the gamified experience. Details such as when the game would start and end, what standards must be achieved, and the criteria for selecting the top winners must be properly communicated to employees. This way, they’ll be encouraged to participate in the activity, and they can plan ahead on how to carry out their tasks strategically.


4.     Reward the winners.

smiling woman handing gift

The most exciting thing about gamification is the rewards. To motivate your call center agents to do their best, remind them that exciting prizes await them. To make things more interesting, you may conduct a survey among your employees to find out what they’d like to receive. Often, however, managers incentivize their top performers with cash, a vacation trip, or extra rest days.


5.     Ask for feedback.

call center agent in yellow short at work

To keep improving the gamified experience you provide to agents, don’t forget to ask them for feedback. Ask them what they liked and what they didn’t, as well as what they expect to see in upcoming competitions. This will let you iron out loopholes in the games and gain new ideas for future activities.



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