Why business continuity must be a top priority among call centers

To run a successful business, entrepreneurs need to know how to serve customers well regardless of the external factors that may hinder them from doing so. Business continuity planning lets brands stay on top of unavoidable issues, such as economic fluctuations, IT problems, public relation crises, and natural disasters.

That’s why if you’re going to outsource to a customer service provider, you need to choose a bilingual call center with a robust backup plan in place. Your outsourced team must be able to help you work through complex situations. At the same time, they must always have a Plan B in place in case they directly experience issues that could threaten their daily operations.

The value of continuous customer service


Nowadays, customers expect you to deliver nonstop customer support, especially because a range of communication platforms are available. Therefore, call centers cannot just shut down their hotlines even if they’re having difficulties, as doing so would immediately taint the reputation of the brand they represent.

Continuous customer service fosters trust among your target market. This is especially crucial as you seek to outpace your competitors and distinguish your brand from them. You can easily lose customers if your outsourcing provider isn’t able to respond to urgent queries or complaints.

Thus, your bilingual call center must always have a fallback, be it another operations site or perhaps a team of agents who can work from home to temporarily keep their operations going.

Protecting customer information

A comprehensive business continuity plan covers all possible disastrous scenarios that may interrupt a company’s operations. For instance, in case of natural disasters, the information stored in physical servers may be compromised. You may either completely lose them or be unable to access the data.


In such cases, it’s best to always keep an online backup with a much stronger security protection.

Data breach, however, is a different matter. As much as possible, all malicious attempts to hack your contact center’s IT system must be warded off because you simply cannot afford to let your customers’ data fall on the wrong hands. Multiple security layers must guard your databases and an IT team must always be on the lookout for any suspicious activities.

Avoiding unnecessary expenses

If your bilingual call center doesn’t have a reliable and comprehensive business continuity plan, you may end up shelling out more money. For example, you may need to rebuild servers, hire more agents, or worse, switch to another outsourcing provider. To avoid this, the first thing you should do before signing an outsourcing deal is to review your prospect’s backup plans and evaluate whether they’re capable of sustaining their operations even under unfavorable scenarios.



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