Why the reputation of your bilingual call center partner matters

In recent years, the value of outsourcing as a business activity has been increasing. This is mainly driven by the highly fluid nature of customers’ demands, which are usually dependent upon new technologies.

This is also why bilingual and multilingual call centers rose to popularity. Brands need to reach diverse market sectors located in different parts of the world, and multicultural outsourcing companies provide this capability. Partnering with a bilingual call center, businesses become globally competitive and highly agile in responding to customers’ needs.

However, not all contact centers are created equal. Choosing a business partner who will take care of your customers is a decision that must not be taken lightly. To find out whether a third-party firm can meet your expectations, you need to assess their corporate reputation both through an offline and online background check. Here’s why.

1.     They will represent your brand.


Most brand managers mistakenly think that their firm and their contact center are separate units. In a way, this may be right, but once you outsource to a customer service provider, they will be the ones to represent your brand. Your outsourced agents are the ones who will directly talk to customers, and as such, their performance will be attributed to your company.

As a company manager, it’s important to make sure that your bilingual call center can uphold your integrity and good reputation. They can only do this if they themselves set high performance standards.

2.     Good reputation is an indicator of good performance.

One of the best ways to assess the corporate reputation of outsourcing companies is to talk to their previous clients. Ask about their performance, how they deal with conflicts, as well as their weak and strong points. This will help you gauge their performance before you ink an outsourcing deal with them. However, make sure to talk to multiple clients so you can gain a more, if not completely, objective view of your prospective contact center.

3.     Build a positive market reception.

An online background check on your prospective bilingual call center will tell you their past achievements and overall standing in the customer service industry. Also take into consideration their location, how long they’ve been operating, and their involvement in socially relevant causes. All these can help you build a positive brand image.

4.     Ensure an ethical business practice.

Aside from good performance, you have to make sure that you’re entrusting your customer service to a team with ethical business practices. Nowadays, customers are extremely picky when it comes to the brands they support, so maintaining a pristine corporate reputation is a must. If a contact center has been involved with ethical and other controversial issues in the past, find out how they handled the situation. This will help you decide whether they’re a reliable customer service provider or not.



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