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Call Center Taipei is a leading multilingual customer support provider that is dedicated to helping global businesses reach out to their Chinese-speaking customers better. Operating from Taiwan, the Philippines, and the United States, we have become the top choice of many international brands that are looking for customer support solutions set in Mandarin, Cantonese, and other Chinese language variations. If your business is aiming to stay ahead of the stiff competition in Asia, Call Center Taipei can become your partner in providing outstanding multilingual support to your Chinese-speaking customers.


Customer Service – Customer satisfaction is largely influenced by a brand’s ability to meet the needs of its customer base. If yours is a diverse one in terms of language and culture, a potential disconnect could exist between you and your valued Chinese-speaking customers. With decade-long experience, Call Center Taipei can empower you to not only give assistance to customers in the Chinese language, but also to give impressive customer service that can meet the highest international standards.

Technical Support – Technical issues often require detailed and complicated solutions. Step-by-step instructions must therefore be given carefully by your representatives to customers who are needing technical support to make sure nothing is missed. This can be extra challenging if your agents don’t speak Chinese or any language that your customers prefer to use. Call Center Taipei has a rich talent pool of Chinese-speaking technical experts who are trained to give efficient resolution to technical concerns of customers.

E-mail – E-mail remains to be a solid customer support channel because of the guarantee it gives to businesses that comprehensive and complete information will be relayed to the customers. Many customers also prefer written communication when interacting with businesses. If your brand wants to use email as a customer service platform, Call Center Taipei can make sure that this classic mode of communication will be used effectively in exceeding customer expectations.

Live Chat – Real-time customer support is in demand among e-commerce businesses and retail stores. If your business uses the Internet in engaging with customers, your website needs exceptional features to make sure that it will be constantly visited by customers. Call Center Taipei’s live chat support can help you give 24/7 customer care to you customers in both Chinese and English. As a result, you can have higher sales and customer satisfaction levels.